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Polyamorous Secular Transhumanist Me

There is no "One Way".

11 December 1969

How To Determine If I'm Interesting Enough to Friend

  1. Friends: I have a journal entry on why I add people as friends on LiveJournal. Summary:

    • I add people either because they are interesting, or as a reminder to read more because my initial explorations of their journal/interests/pics suggests they might be interesting.
    • You can add me as a friend without asking me, if you are so inclined. I'll assume it means "hi".
    • I unfriend people if we haven't been corresponding in each others LJ. I prefer to keep my friends list "tight", focused on people I have or can imagine forming a connection with. You are at choice as to whether you take it personally or not, but I'd recommend you don't (take it personally).
  2. Index: A handy-dandy by-category index of my journal entries can be found here. It will hopefully allow you to find journal entries of mine that you will find interesting (find a category that you relate to, and explore the associated entries). It is also a good place to stop by and say "hi".

  3. Interests:

    • Effort: I've spent hours of back-breaking, mind-numbing, spirit-sapping effort (i.e. I jot down a few details here and there whenever something comes to mind, if I happen to have the time) to give you lots of details on why I'm interested in my interests.
    • Obligation: If you are reading my bio, you are morally obliged to spend at least 3 seconds reading at least one of these details. If you do not, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will heed my prayers and your left middle toe will slowly turn sienna (that's a color ;-)
    • Superscripts: To avoid this horrible fate, click on the superscripts beside those interests you care about.
    • Limitations: I'm sorry to say that in my special version, I cannot make bold those interests we share in common (you'll have to use LJ's normal interest list for that).
  4. Summary: The table below provides lots of "high-level" info, with links to more detailed discussions.

  5. Polyamorous Meta-Humanist: Polyamory is about responsible non-monogamy. About more love, more honesty, more communication, more connection. But you can still like me (and vice-versa), even if you aren't poly. I'll allow it :-) Meta-Humanist is a word I've made up as shorthand for Secular Humanist and Transhumanist.

Unique Little Snowflaky Me

Height 1.87m (6'2")
Weight 93kg (205lbs)
Hair short, sandy blonde
Eyes blue-green
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity Martian (you grok?)
Gender Expression Masculine (with caveats)
Sexual Orientation girls and transgirls, hoping to "fix" my lack of sexual interest in males eventually
Affectional Orientation girls and transgirls, not yet sure if I want to love boys
Personality Types
Big5 Test Here. Results: E77 A53 C35 N15 O79.
MBTI Test Here. Results: ENTJ/ENTP (Field Marshall/Scientist)
Insight Test Here. Results: Green 36, Blue 20, Orange 14, Gold 11.
Unique Little Snowflake Characteristics
Polyamorous Responsible non-monogamy with the informed, active consent of all involved.
Transhumanist Technological_singularity, Post Human Evolution, Omega point
Secular Humanist Here are some principles.
Atheist I like the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Straight-ally Alternative sexual orientations are to be embraced, not persecuted!
Idealist Both definitions apply.
Body Oblivious I don't really live in my body (it's usually about the mental experience). Some exceptions exist.
Past Careers
1969-75 brat
1975-81 student (elementary school, gr. 1-6)
1981-84 student (junior high school, gr. 7-9)
1984-87 student (high school, gr. 10-12), worked on a bee farm during the summers
1987-91 student (b.sc. in comp.sci, and lots 'o math / physics / psychology / philosophy)
1991-92 student (m.sc. in comp.sci)
1993 student (b.sc. in applied math), sessional instructor
1994-98 student (ph.d. in comp.sci)
1999-2006 professor (but be careful where you put that stereotype!)
2007- googley googler
Some of My Mottos
WRT everything Anything worth doing is worth doing to extremes.
WRT milk, ketchup Too little can be worse than none at all.
WRT windows sucks If your fingers leave home row, you're wasting time!
WRT connections There is no such thing as Too Much Information!
WRT eroticism Arouse the mind. The body will cum along for the ride.
WRT verbose emails Fuck 'em if they can't press delete.
WRT introspection Sure I'm introspective, but am I introspective enough?
WRT code "If it ain't open source, it's crrrrraaaaap!"
WRT me It is better to be under-estimated than to be over-estimated.

Some Miscellaneous Facts
  1. I cherish individuality, uniqueness, independence and walk-your-own-path-istic people.
  2. I'm optimistic about humanity, and cynical about humans. Put another way, I'm in awe of humanity, but often disappointed by humans.
  3. I'm intolerant of intolerance. And no, that isn't a contradiction, a paradox, hypocriticial, or anything like that. Intolerance must die!
  4. I'm not a fan of beer. Tastes awful. Bleech. If something is an acquired taste, why go thru the pain of acquiring it?
  5. I am closer to carnivore than herbivore, but I'm trying to be a balanced omnivore. 5-10 servings per day!
  6. I have a strong aversion to being sticky (working on a bee farm long ago is to blame).
  7. Hypocrisy is most distasteful. I hate it. Passionately.
  8. I find sex an interesting topic, but if you do not, try not to get too hung up on my sexual interests - you'll note that I have many other interests that have nothing to do with sex. You'll also find that my discussions about sex are often (but not always) of an intellectual, rather than sexual, nature.
  9. Guess which of the following reasons explains why I almost never get drunk:
    1. I cannot deal with the hangovers
    2. I have very few inhibitions, and those that I do have must stay in place,
    3. I don't like being mentally "fuzzy"
    4. I have 5 alcoholic uncles, and feel no need to test my genetic predisposition towards alcholism,
    5. If one cannot do something sober, they shouldn't be doing it drunk either.
    6. If I drank, who would be the D.D.?
  10. I love dancing. I dearly wish I looked as good doing it as I feel, but alas, I've got the white-boy-can't-dance blues. I've taken ballroom, latin and hiphop lessons, with varying degrees of success. During club dancing, I was once described as a "molecule". To this day, I don't know if it was meant positively or negatively :-)
  11. I've been described as "intense". I don't see it.
  12. I've been described as "too intense". I definitely don't see it.
  13. I cannot sleep unless I have three (count them, three) pillows.
  14. I make chocolate chip cookie dough all the time. I never bake it. It is 10 times better raw.
  15. I like birds of paradise (the flowers).
  16. Site Meter kind souls have visited (since Aug 7, 2006).


Notes on Interests: The interests feature of LJ is handy. But:

  • Not everyone likes things for the same reasons. I want to describe why I like my interests, and would like to know why others like theirs.
  • Interests have synonyms, and LJ's searching algorithm is too literal.
  • LJ allows a maximum of 150 interests - how very limiting!
  • I like using mixed case text where it is relevant.

As such, I've made my own version of LJ interests. In the list below, the superscripts provide additional comments for each interest (and group related interests together). The hyperlinks do what they normally do (find people with the same interest).

Interests: 290: AI1, alternative lifestyles2, Amaretto1, Ancient Egypt1, androgyny1, anime2, Anita Blake1, anklets1, Anne of Green Gables1, anti-TMI1, anticipation1, art1, Artificial Intelligence1, Astronomy1, athletic girls1, babbling brooks1, babylonian mythology1, background harmonics1, badminton1, Baileys Irish Cream1, ballroom dancing1, bare feet1, bdsm2, beauty1, being slutty2, being teased2, belly buttons1, Biology1, bisexual2, bisexuality2, board games1, body art1, body painting1, Bollywood1, bondage2, books1, breasts2, bums2, C++1, calculus1, campfires1, camping1, candles1, cats1, cheese1, Chemistry1, chenille1, Chess1, chocolate1, clothing accessories1, clothing fabrics1, comedy1, compersion2, computers1, Computing Science1, corsets2, cosmology1, creativity1, Creme de Menthe1, cuddling1, cultural diversity1, cunnilingus2, D&D1, d/s1, dance music1, dancing1, deadpan humor1, dinosaurs1, diving boards1, dragons1, drawings1, eating peach for hours2, echos1, Emacs1, Ender's Game1, erotic literature2, erotic photography1, erotica2, eroticism2, Ethical Sluts2, ethnic diversity1, exhibitionism2, fantasy1, fantasy genre1, felines1, females1, feminism1, feminists1, Fight Club1, fire1, Firefox1, flirting1, food1, friends1, gaming1, GEB1, geeky girls1, gemology1, gems1, gender equality1, girls1, Goedel Escher Bach1, going commando2, Google1, greek mythology1, Groundhog Day1, group sex2, group theory1, hail1, hair ribbons1, hedonism1, hentai2, Highlander1, honey1, Honor Harrington1, hugs1, humanism1, humor1, independent films1, independent women1, Indie films1, information1, intelligence1, intelligent people1, introspection1, Invisible Pink Unicorn1, IPU1, JAPH1, Kahlua1, ketchup1, kindred spirits1, kink2, kissing1, kittens1, knee-high boots2, latin dancing1, leather2, LGBT issues1, light & glass1, lightning1, Linux1, liquers1, literature1, long hair1, long skirts1, love1, Love Actually1, lust1, math1, Mathematics1, mental side of sex2, meow beasts1, Mercedes Lackey1, mesotechnology1, meta-level reasoning1, milk1, mind sex2, movies1, music1, mythology1, nanotechnology1, navels1, no underwear2, norse mythology1, nudity1, Occam's Razor1, open relationships2, oral sex2, Ouzo1, paintings1, partial differential equations1, passion1, people watching1, Perl1, philosophy1, philosphical discussions1, phone sex2, photography1, Physics1, Pina Colodas1, poly2, polyamory2, porn2, pornography2, Povray1, practical classy fashion1, provocative clothing1, psychology1, puns1, pvc2, quantum mechanics1, queer issues1, racquet sports1, raquet ball1, reading1, recursion1, reese peanut butter cups1, responsible non-monogamy2, responsible nonmonogamy2, responsible sex1, rhinoceroses1, rhinos1, roasting hotdogs1, roasting marshmellows1, Role-Playing Games1, rpgs1, rule-based sex2, safe sex1, safer sex1, salsa dancing1, sans underwear2, sapiosexuality1, sarcasm1, sashes1, satin1, sci-fi1, Science1, science fiction1, scientific method1, scuba diving1, scuba-diving1, sculpture1, secular humanism1, seduction1, self awareness1, self-referential semantics1, sensuality1, serendipty1, sex2, sex in public places2, sex in unusual places2, sex stories2, sex talk2, sex toys1, sexual ethics1, sexual experimentation1, sexual innuendo1, sexual statistics1, sexuality1, silk1, silk scarves1, skepticism1, skinny dipping1, sky diving1, slutty clothing1, small breasts2, small bums2, smart people1, smut2, spooning1, sporty girls1, squash1, straight allies1, straight ally1, structured sex2, submission2, sun dappled glades1, suntanning nude2, sushi1, synaesthesia1, synergy1, tattoos1, teasing1, technology1, temptation1, tennis1, The Long Kiss Good Night1, The Pina Coloda Song1, The Princess Bride1, the splits1, thunder1, thunderstorms1, transgirls1, Transhumanism1, travel1, truth1, tummies1, tv with depth1, unicorns1, vampires1, Vancouver1, velvet1, voyeurism2, waist chains1, waterfalls1, Wheel of Time1, Wikipedia1, wizards1, women1, writing1

1 An interest even the conservative can enjoy.
2 An interest the conservative should avoid looking at.

If you would like to discuss mutual interests, express shock and horror over some interest of mine or another, etc. etc., you are encouraged to comment here.

Unfortunately, if I do not also repeat at least a subset of the above interests using LJ's "normal" interest mechanism, it will appear, when you are looking at my pages, as though we do not have any interests in common. How unfortunate!

ancient egypt, anime, anklets, anti-tmi, anticipation, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, babbling brooks, background harmonics, bare feet, beauty, being slutty, being teased, biology, bisexuality, board games, bollywood, bondage, breasts, bums, c++, camping, candles, cats, chemistry, chess, chocolate, clothing fabrics, compersion, computers, creativity, cuddling, cultural diversity, d/s, dancing, dinosaurs, diving boards, dragons, echos, emacs, erotica, eroticism, ethical sluts, ethnic diversity, exhibitionism, fantasy, feminism, firefox, flirting, food, friends, gaming, geb, geeky girls, gems, google, group sex, honey, hugs, humor, independent films, independent women, information, intelligence, invisible pink unicorn, kindred spirits, kissing, knee-high boots, light & glass, linux, liquers, literature, long hair, long skirts, love, math, mental side of sex, movies, music, mythology, nanotechnology, navels, no underwear, nudity, oral sex, passion, people watching, perl, philosophy, physics, pina colodas, polyamory, porn, povray, practical classy fashion, provocative clothing, psychology, puns, racquet sports, reading, reese peanut butter cups, responsible non-monogamy, rhinoceroses, rpgs, rule-based sex, safer sex, sci-fi, science, scuba-diving, secular humanism, seduction, self awareness, self-referential semantics, sensuality, serendipty, sex, sex in unusual places, sex talk, sexuality, silk, silk scarves, sky diving, spooning, sporty girls, straight allies, sun dappled glades, suntanning nude, sushi, synaesthesia, synergy, tattoos, teasing, technology, temptation, the splits, thunderstorms, transhumanism, travel, truth, tv with depth, vancouver, voyeurism, waist chains, waterfalls, wikipedia, wizards, women, writing,