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The True Honesty Challenge - Polyamorous Secular Transhumanist Me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The True Honesty Challenge [Jul. 31st, 2006|12:28 pm]
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In which Wade put's his ego where his mouth is, and encourages one and all to interact with him with true honesty

I self identify very strongly as polyamorous (probably not a surprise to anyone given my journal title ;-). The core philosophies of polyamory resonate with me at a fundamental level. In fact, the fact that polyamory has a set of core philosophies is part of its wonderousness :-)

One of the most important of these philosophies is that of real, true, radical, complete honesty, and the associated idea of real communication. Elsewhere, I have written up some personal thoughts on the matter of real honesty. Here, I am doing something a little different, based on an absolutely wonderful idea by catmcroy.

True honesty has three components:

  1. self-honesty and a desire to improve oneself
  2. real (empathetic, constructive) honesty with others,
  3. being receptive to and actively encouraging real ( empathetic, constructive) honesty from others.

My primary motivation for journaling addresses #1 (exploring ways to improve myself). My actions towards others must be the measure of #2 (real empathetic honesty with others). And this posting is meant to be a measure of #3.

I am hereby requesting your true, honest (presumably empathetic and constructive) feelings and thoughts about the person you "know" from my postings, bio, journal, and/or real life.

It is important that you appreciate that this request is motivated from a sincere desire to identify and improve those aspects of myself that I find lacking. The perceptions of others is an important part of that process, and I value your input.

This is most emphatically not a request for ego stroking. If you have positive things to say, that is very nice (and having ones positive characteristics praised has the benefit of reinforcing them) but please do not say nice things just to be saying nice things. If you have negative things to say, I am sincerely receptive, and believe they will be more beneficial to my overall quest for self improvement than "nice" things.

Do note that when I say "empathetic and constructive", I do not mean "kind and non-hurtful". Rather, I mean that you have my overall self improvement as the motivation for sending the reply (as opposed to a simple desire to be hurtful, which doesn't seem likely to lead to my self improvement, and doesn't say nice things about you either :-).

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