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An Index ('cause I'm an organization weenie) - Polyamorous Secular Transhumanist Me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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An Index ('cause I'm an organization weenie) [Jul. 1st, 2013|12:01 am]

Me. By category.

NOTE: I have not updated this index for awhile (all posts after July 1st 2007 are not in the index yet). I haven't written much since then though. The index is useful if you are wondering what my thoughts are on a particular subject though.

34411 2007-03-04 Body (Non) Awareness
33653 2007-02-24 My First (many) Phone Dates With C
33157 2007-02-18 Love and Apology Languages
32313 2007-02-14 I have been diagnosed
30326 2007-02-07 Being Slutty
29985 2007-02-07 Sexual Empathy
29739 2007-02-07 Sexual Compersion
29156 2007-02-06 Sapiosexuality
23725 2006-09-22 Johari/Nohari Windows
21396 2006-09-16 Pretty Boys?
21095 2006-09-15 WAG: Wade Against Gossip
18739 2006-09-10 Dance Club Dynamics
12601 2006-08-11 Personality Typing: Big Five and Myers-Briggs
12079 2006-08-09 The Profound Subjectivity of Natural Language. And Bats.
11500 2006-08-07 Self Awareness Through Porn
10989 2006-08-07 The Guilt of Physical Attraction
The Career Search
40189 2007-06-25 Google Reincarnated From The Ashes
34171 2007-03-02 Google: The PFO
31631 2007-02-09 Google Interview #1
31209 2007-02-08 Google: Interview #1 tomorrow
28381 2007-02-01 Industry Research Careers
27950 2007-02-01 More Gaming Company Stuff
27467 2007-02-01 CSA and NASA
27096 2007-01-31 Gaming Companies
26671 2007-01-30 Applying to Google - Mom will be so happy!
26530 2007-01-29 Career Possibilities
Sexual Stuff
21665 2006-09-16 The Urban Encounters Boat Cruise
13581 2006-08-12 Matters of Size: Size Matters. Size Matters?
13273 2006-08-11 Reality Fantasy vs Fantasy Fantasy
13013 2006-08-11 Eroticism. And Something About Mary
10679 2006-08-06 Paraphilias: Mmmm, troilism!
5389 2006-08-01 Some of My Sexual Dimensions
Tier 3
30941 2007-02-07 I am Actually Feeling Shy About Using The Most Obvious Title
30673 2007-02-07 Group Sex
29562 2007-02-07 Sex Filter Opt-in
34952 2007-03-06 Poly Terms
28885 2007-02-04 Poly Stats
28606 2007-02-01 Where would you live?
2602 2006-07-28 My Path Toward Polyamory
8051 2006-08-03 Transhumanism and Kindred Spirits
24763 2006-09-25 One of My Favorite Poems: Kubla Khan
19414 2006-09-12 Austin Sculptures = Beauty
Some Defining Aspects
5343 2006-07-31 IPU and FSM!
4491 2006-07-31 The Honesty Challenge
3986 2006-07-31 On the Nature of True Honesty
3784 2006-07-30 Secular Humanism
3310 2006-07-30 On The Temptations Of Hyperbole
Kindred Spirits
35959 2007-05-11 Christine's First Visit
25675 2006-10-19 On missing cats
18149 2006-09-03 A Missed (Kindred) Opportunity
15516 2006-08-18 Hawksley Peanut Butter & Cobweb
LJ: Stuff about LJ itself
32934 2007-02-16 About You
32623 2007-02-16 An Experiment WRT Entry Length
29418 2007-02-07 My Thoughts On Filters
24025 2006-09-23 Meta Entry (An Entry About Entries)
18474 2006-09-08 My LiveJournal Guestbook
18349 2006-09-08 Some LJ Guidelines
16364 2006-08-22 Limited LJ Contact
3556 2006-07-30 My LJ Point of View
1763 2006-07-27 Initial Impressions of a LiveJournal Novice
1323 2006-07-27 Why Blog?
1093 2006-07-27 LiveJournal Friends vs 'Real' Friends
38958 2007-06-02 May 17, 2007: The African Lion Safari. And E.
38612 2007-06-02 May 14, 2007
37174 2007-05-29 May 15, 2007
36661 2007-05-29 May 14, 2007
36485 2007-05-29 May 13, 2007
33402 2007-02-22 My Past BDSM (Non)Experiences
32003 2007-02-12 My First Date With R
31794 2007-02-10 When It Rains, It Pours
26152 2007-01-28 Still Alive
25504 2006-10-16 I think, therefore I am ... alive
24349 2006-09-24 Plans for this Fall
22366 2006-09-18 The Brown Rice Catastrophe of '06
20556 2006-09-14 More journaling - excellent for when you are REALLY bored
20084 2006-09-14 Must Practice Brevity. Yeah, right.
19140 2006-09-10 Dance Clubs, Part 2
16543 2006-08-23 A Travel Checklist
15844 2006-08-21 The Great Cat Trip of 06
15247 2006-08-17 The Great Fall Apartmnent Cleaning of '06
4797 2006-07-31 Speed Dating
25019 2006-09-26 A Request For An Honest Assessment
23425 2006-09-20 Internal vs. External Perceptions
21830 2006-09-18 Effect vs. Intent
17392 2006-08-28 Memories of University
17083 2006-08-28 Memories of My Childhood
26070 2006-10-19 Love, Actually
11980 2006-08-08 The Lake House, and non-sequiturs
Miscellaneous Ramblings
36177 2007-05-11 Image Geekery
25161 2006-09-28 Free Hugs
22082 2006-09-18 African Lion Safari
20741 2006-09-15 Cookie Dough
20283 2006-09-14 Hotels Are Entirely Overpriced
14391 2006-08-16 I could hurt my chest doing this
11559 2006-08-08 Chess anyone?
10366 2006-08-05 Altered States of Conciousness
8782 2006-08-04 Miscellaneous Ramblings Of A Procrastinating Me
5937 2006-08-02 One of Them There Resolution Thingees: 5-10 servings/day!

If you are looking to get to know me, keep in mind that the order in which you read my entries will influence your perceptions. Here's the order I'd suggest, if you want the most accurate understanding of this little snowflake. It is not a complete list, and will change from time to time. Also, the best order isn't necessarily the most interesting order, and, being an autonomous entity, you can of course decide for yourself what order to read my entries in (I know you are tempted to read the sex posts first, admit it :-)

  1. Why Blog?: In which Wade explores his reasons for blogging.

  2. LiveJournal Friends vs 'Real' Friends: In which Wade discusses some important distinctions between LJ friends and "real" friends, assures the world that he isn't a creep, and talks about friends-related thingees.

  3. My Path Toward Polyamory: In which Wade provides some historical context for his polyamorous perspectives.

  4. On the Nature of True Honesty: In which Wade discusses his views on "real" honesty and less-than-honesty.

  5. On The Temptations Of Hyperbole: In which Wade discusses one of his most problematic and troublesome personality flaws - hyperbole.

  6. Some of My Sexual Dimensions: In which Wade discusses some dimensions of sexuality, both in general, and as they apply to him.

  7. My LJ Point of View: In which Wade discusses the concepts of subjective bias vs. neutral-point-of-view within the confines of a live journal.

  8. Some LJ Guidelines: In which Wade discusses his (completely modified) variant of the Blogger's Disclaimer.

  9. Personality Typing: Big Five and Myers-Briggs: In which Wade discusses personality, his Big 5 and MBTI scores, and basically rambles on and on about his completely untrained assessment of the pros and cons of personality typing.

  10. The Profound Subjectivity of Natural Language. And Bats.: In which Wade tries to think like a bat. And then goes on to struggle with the difficulties involved in effective, accurate communication between humans.

  11. Hawksley Peanut Butter & Cobweb: In which Wade discusses the impending loss of his cats, and tries to come to terms with rarely (or never) seeing them again. For readers who aren't cat people, this article will make no sense. For those who are, maybe it will.

  12. Eroticism. And Something About Mary: In which Wade talks about the importance of eroticism, tells a naughty story, and clarifies why the phrase "I want to fuck your mind" is NOT at ALL the same as "I want to fuck with your mind".

  13. Sexual Compersion: In which Wade advocates for a distinction between emotional compersion and sexual compersion.

  14. Sexual Empathy: In which Wade discusses his wirings with respect to sexual empathy.

  15. Being Slutty: In which Wade briefly discusses the concept of being slutty.

  16. Memories of University: In which Wade reminiscences about university life. A continuation of his reminiscences about childhood.

  17. Memories of My Childhood: In which Wade reminiscences about life growing up in Hays. Seeing as how he is currently visiting his childhood home for 2.5 weeks.

  18. Altered States of Conciousness: In which Wade discusses altered states of conciousness, both philosophically, and as they have occurred in him. The reader can interpret this as a fascinating subjective commentary on the philosophy of conciousness, as pseudo-intellectual babble wrapped around some of Wade's drug experiences, or as something in between these two extremes, depending on their own proclivities. :-)

  19. My Thoughts On Filters: In which Wade discusses his reservations about filters.

  20. Matters of Size: Size Matters. Size Matters?: In which Wade discusses the reasons why males are more fascinated with (their) size than females are. And discusses his erotic appreciation of certain size-related things.

  21. WAG: Wade Against Gossip: In which Wade discusses his dislike for gossiping. And manages to do so without talking about anyone behind their back.


From: iisz
2006-08-23 02:25 am (UTC)
Aw, you're so sweet. Of course they're jokes. Of course you don't want to organise my LJ, apartment, or life. Hell, I don't want to, why should you?
99.9% of the time, I am kidding. The.1% that I am not, I will tell you, politely. :) I rarely actually lose my temper, and I'm sorry that you thought those might be serious. You weren't rude or abrupt at all. And I liked the No, yes, no response.

Have fun at your dancey movie! :)
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